What is Velasmooth?

Velasmooth is a modern cellulite treatment that includes massage therapy alongside an infusion of infrared energy and radio frequency energy. The heat induced from all three sources warms up the skin, which indeed causes a complete breakdown in the fat cells. This process strengthens the connective tissues deep inside the skin and the collagen. It improves the skin’s elasticity. This treatment procedure was approved by FDA in the year 2005 for controlling the formation of cellulite, through which the size of thighs is considerably reduced. When the radio frequency energy is infused into the skin, it heats up the adipose tissue by stimulating the oxygen intracellular diffusion. On the other hand, the infrared light warms the fat cells. It is kind of cellulite treatment also used for tightening and firming up the body.

The working mechanism of Velasmooth treatment

The treatment performer rubs the handpiece on the affected surface of the skin. The mechanical rollers fitted onto the handpiece smoothens the skin tone, as it passes the infrared red rays into the deep layers of the skin. The fat cells are melted through which excess fat gets discharged out of the body. To the maximum possible extent, the treatment procedure is supposedly warm. It is more or less like a deep tissue massage.

When to expect the positive effects of this treatment?

One can observe positive results upon undergoing four rounds of treatment. A recent study performed on individuals who underwent the treatment indicates that the appearance of cellulite was reduced by 65% along with a gradual reduction in the hip size. However, so as to notice some optimal results the treatment procedure should be performed infrequent intervals as part of the maintenance process. The treatment duration ranges between 45 to 60 minutes.

Who shouldn’t undergo this treatment?

Individuals consuming non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or aspirin should abstain from opting from opting for this treatment procedure. People affected by type I and II diabetes and consuming photosensitizing drugs are recommended not to undergo this treatment. Though pregnant women are strictly advised against this treatment, there is no concrete evidence to prove it. Hence, its effects on pregnant women are not known.

Side effects of Velasmooth treatment

As such there are no extreme side effects associated with Velasmooth treatment. In some cases, there seems to be swelling and bruising in the affected area. The urge to urinate will be very frequent upon undergoing this treatment, as the broken down fat cells are discharged through the lymphatic system.