Triactive Cool laser- Treatment Procedure

The triactive cool laser is a modern cellulite treatment that is performed in the body with an aid of handheld device that is strikingly identical to a flashlight. It is considered to be the latest form of cellulite treatment and that can provide extraordinary results when it comes to cellulite removal. This device primarily triggers infrared energy to the deepest surface of the skin. The heat triggered from infrared energy makes heats up and untightens the collagen contained in the skin. This action stimulates the burning of fat molecules deep inside the skin resulting in substantial shrinking.

Women undergoing this treatment can be assured of discharging the excess fat and fluid contained in the skin, as the fat cells are activated to a greater extent. Furthermore, through this treatment, the process of blood circulation is enhanced, which is highly crucial to obstruct the formation of cellulite in the deep portions of the skin. As like in any other cellulite treatment, there is a slight swelling in the surface of the skin through which the dimple is hidden. In fact, cellulite removal experts go on record to state that, this cellulite treatment procedure can be undertaken numerous times. As such, there is no cap on the treatment procedure.

Do Triactive laser treatment works well in removing the lumps contained in other areas of the body above the waistline?

Of course yes, it works well in controlling the formation of dimples and lumps in the other areas of the body above the waistline too. The uniqueness of this cellulite treatment is that it tightens the skin tone, as a result of which formation of pores is controlled gradually. Experts claim this treatment to be more powerful as it is performed through low-energy laser diodes. In fact, it supposedly eliminates the dryness associated with pores very often. Formation of lumps in cheeks can be controlled to a greater extent with this treatment procedure.

The uniqueness of Triactive cools laser treatment

Despite the numerous cellulite treatment options, Triactive cool treatment fares in terms of efficiency. It is said to be unique from other cellulite treatment procedures since it depends on to three high technology elements. The first one, being the deployment of low-laser, the second being the feature of localized cooling and the third one being the suction massage. The treatment procedure is extremely convenient compared to other forms and is non-invasive. Moreover, it trigger results in a faster period of time.

What is the duration of the treatment procedure?

The treatment duration ranges anywhere between 30 to 60 minutes. The patient is made to lie down comfortably on a treatment table, with the treatment specialist moving the machine to and forth on the affected areas of the body. However, while treating sensitive areas like face and neck, a comparatively smaller device is used.

How long will it take recover from the treatment?

Since the treatment procedure is non-invasive, as such there is no downtime required upon undergoing the treatment. The person who underwent the treatment can get back to work or can get start to indulge in other activities of his/her choice right immediately after the treatment procedure. Side effects in the form of swelling can be controlled with the help of pain relief pills.

The result of this cellulite treatment is visible within five to seven treatments. Generally, the formation of cellulite gradually decreases at the end of a seventh round of treatment. Cellulite removal experts advise people to undergo 10 to 15 rounds of treatment for experiencing optimal results. Within this time period, the aesthetics can be improved to a considerable extent. The medication is comparatively expensive to other forms of cellulite treatment.